What are your reselling policies?

This panel is created to make reselling of our services offered at [redacted] easier and cheaper using the API automated order processing for other panel and website owners. You either must be an established reseller and verify yourself with us or have to do a minimum deposit of 100$ to gain access to the service. We don't allow personal use on our panel, if you are caught in doing it, then your access to all of our services will be revoked immediately without any refunds.

What are your guarantees?

All of our services are non-drop. We provide lifetime guarantee on all of our provided services, meaning if our services that we've provided for some reason drop or disappear and we're at fault, then we'll replace and fix it at any time as long as you contact us with proof. We do not replace issues that are not our fault, so if your normal followers or other providers accounts disappear, then that won't be replaced. We keep track of each service provided by us to find any possible issues.

Why is my remains stuck at "1"?

If you make multiple orders for the same service, then your remains might be stuck at "1" until all of them are completed since it's waiting for all of the processes to be completed. There's nothing to worry about, you will still receive the correct amount that you've ordered and the order will go from "remains: 1" to "completed" once all of the orders are finished and the system has made sure that everything is correct.

Can I order the same service multiple times?

You can make orders for the same service and for the same channel, but the remains of the delivery might be stuck at 1 until all of your orders for the service have been completed. We always recommend to make one big order right away instead of multiple smaller ones just to make it easier for yourself to track.

What makes your followers high-quality?

All of our followers are created with the use of unique residential proxies and include profile pictures,bios together with unique usernames taken from other places outside of Twitch, so they will appear as real people on Twitch and not RandomNameABC123. We also retire all of the followers after certain amount of uses from the follow bot and then will continue using them in other part of our services such as view bot to keep the accounts active on the website. They're non-drop and we offer lifetime guarantee in case any of our followers disappear.

Are these bots or real people?

All of our services are provided with the use of bots that are made to appear like a real person. Each viewer is generated with the use of unique residential proxies that are spoofed from various social media sources. The followers all have usernames taken from gaming websites/forums and have profile pictures/bios attached to them.

Why is the order cancelled?

The status "Cancelled" means that we couldn't process your order. The main reason for that is invalid channel link, make sure to read the description of each service to know how to exactly use it. If you are sure that your link is correct, then simply create a new order. All cancelled or failed orders are automatically cancelled and refunded, so you can always make a new one.

How does the "Twitch Live Viewers [One Stream]" service work?

The live viewers will stay on your stream for the duration of your stream or max 10 hours, the viewers will disappear and will not come back if your broadcast disconnects for any reason be it internet connection or a crash. If the stream crashes within the 2 hours of usage, then contact us through ticket and we will refund the funds into your account as long as you have created a new order for the same channel right away. If you wish to copy paste description into your panel, then feel free to use this:

"This service grants you access to our twitch viewer bot for one stream for a maximum duration of 10 hours. Going offline turns the bot off meaning your order has been used."

Why is there over-delivery for channel and video views?

We have potential 5-10% over-delivery for channel and video views to make sure that each order is successfully completed. Not each view can always be successful and thus as a fail safe we might deliver a little bit more rather than under deliver.

What is the difference between "Twitch Live Viewers" and "Twitch Channel Total Views"?

The Twitch Live Viewers are only seen during your broadcast and represent the current amount of viewers that are watching your stream, they are represented on Twitch as the red number. Channel Total Views is represented as the grey number and showcases the total amount of times that people have visited your channel. Our Live Viewers service does not generate channel total views since they both use different methods.

Where can I receive support?

We provide support for resellers through support tickets and skype live:resellingrun with 0-8 hour reply time, please do not hesitate to contact us if you have an issue or any questions related to our services. It is our main priority to solve any possible issues that our service might have.

Why is the viewer count inconsistent?

The viewers will fluctuate up and down during the duration of your stream when Twitch is blacklisting the ips forcing us to rotate new ones in to replace them. On average you will have the requested amount of viewers over the period of your stream.

What is "Drip Feed"?

The Drip-Feed option continuously delivers the order over a period of time to make it appear more natural. For example, instead of delivering a thousand followers at once, the drip-feed option allows you to deliver them slowly over a period of time. If you choose 4 hours, then your 1,000 followers order delivery will be spread out over 4 hours and so on.

What does "Twitch updates stats every 30-60 min" mean?

It means that Twitch will only update the statistics at every 30 to 60 minute intervals, so even if your service has been delivered it might be delayed by up to 60 minutes for you to see the progress or the status be changed to completed. This applies to all Twitch stats except Livestream Viewers and Followers.

Can you cancel or change my order?

Unfortunately at this moment we're unable to cancel or adjust the order once it has been activated due to our current technical limitations. We will be working towards changing this in the near future.

Can I achieve affiliate/partner with the use of these services?

You can reach the required stats and achievements to apply. Affiliate is being automatically granted to you upon applying. Twitch partner applications are all manually reviewed by Twitch staff and they look at various things such as your stream quality, appearance, language, chat activity, stats over multiple months and your other social media accounts and thus we are unable to guarantee that you will be accepted straight away if your stream does not satisfy Twitch, but we have hundreds of people who have achieved partner status over the period of a few months after using us.

Will you be adding services for other streaming platforms?

We are continuously working on improving existing services and implementing new ones, you will see new services added for reselling in the near future.